Bring a Kokon Pod to your office


There are two ways companies in the San Francisco Bay Area can bring a Kokon Pod to their office.


1 Week Kokon Pod Trial + Wellbeing Assessment

Install a Kokon Pod for 1 week at $1000. Receive a complementary wellbeing assessment.


Monthly Subscription

Rent a Kokon Pod for your office. Pricing upon request.



Why subscription?

A subscription model permits us to design products that last, create no unnecessary harm to the environment, set up zero waste production and thus shifting industry towards a circular economy.

What about maintenance?

Someone will check on the Kokon every month to ensure that your experience is consistently great. We will clean, repair and upgrade parts.

What do you deliver?

The Kokon Pod with its multisensory technology, Kokon Tripod, Bang & Olufsen Headphones, Scheduling System and Kokon Mindful Reflection. 

How much is the Kokon Pod per month?

Submit a form request and one of our team members will contact you for a brief consultation.

What is the wellbeing assessment?

A stress and wellbeing analysis of the current work environment using human centered design methods and non-obtrusive data collection. 

Not in the San Francisco Bay Area? Contact us to inquire about a remote Kokon pilot.