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Pre-order the Kokon for your office  

HR managers, wellbeing officers and company leaders in New York City, Malmö and Copenhagen can pre-order their Kokon Pods for 2018 delivery. The Kokon Pods are available for a 3 month trial followed by annual subscription.  Contact us for a pricing quote. Not in these locations? No worries, we will let you know once the Kokon becomes available in your city. 


Why subscription?

A subscription model permits us to design products that last, create no unnecessary harm to the environment, set up zero waste production and thus shifting industry towards a circular economy.


Monthly Maintenance

Someone will check on the Kokon every month to ensure that your experience is consistently great. We will clean, repair and upgrade parts.


What we deliver

The Kokon Pod with its multisensory technology, Kokon tripod, headphones, Scheduling System and Kokon Feedback Box. 


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