Meet the Kokon Pod

The Kokon is a relaxation pod for the workplace designed to biologically reverse the effects of stress and replenish your brain. It is based on science and helps flush out cortisol, slow breathing and heart rate, balance brain waves and boost happy brain chemicals. Together the four sensory inputs help build the body's resilience to stress and gives you an experience that is similar to meditation. By doing this, and by regularly training your body to feel relaxed, you have a better ability to fight stress when it happens.

Train for 7 minutes daily

Listen to the Kokon Soundscape. Please allow for loading time or listen here 


Designing for trust using biology and neuroscience

By designing for trust, we can eradicate stress in the workplace. The first step is to use neuroscience to break the cycle of chronic stress in the brain and boost trust on a biological level.


Listen to three healing sound frequencies


Feel vibrational heart beats through your body

Sound Pebbles

Place pulsating pebbles on tense areas to relieve stress

Scent Molecules

Breathe in relaxing scent molecules to feel safe and welcome


Anti gravity floatation to balance brain waves 

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Bring a Kokon Pod to your office