The Kokon is a female-founded startup based in New York and Malmö. We work with innovative companies to define the workplace of the future. 

Designed for companies who understand that well-being is core to innovation, the Kokon is a short break to replenish for high performing teams. Unlike a nap pod, the Kokon helps break the cycle of chronic stress by activating the senses. Use the Kokon when feeling stressed, before an important meeting or as a pause to quiet the mind.


A kinder future begins with..

We started the company with the aim to create a kind, collective world. And a future that we want to raise our kids in. You can't be kind when you're stressed, so our first step is to eliminate the chronic stress epidemic. Welcome the Kokon - our first product - a stress reduction pod for offices. Our design approach fuses the newest technology with science and our multisensory design methodology to create products that understand human emotion and create experiences that support the individual in becoming / being the best version of themselves, and the human they aspire to be. 

While what we create for our future customers is important - HOW we create it is of equal value to us. Many people think of companies as just sales. We think of our nascent company as an important driver and building block of the change we strive to create. Our main focus areas include: circularity, sustainability, additive manufacturing, local assembly, traditional crafting techniques combined with sensing technology, sustainable living wages, our workforce as a means for social inclusion.