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Quiet your mind during busy workdays

Bring a Kokon Pod to your office


Together we can make companies well 

Our products allow managers to make smarter decisions for their teams. They help reduce stress and prevent burnout, get talking about mental health, and inform strategy with team data. Above all, they work to build a resilient team culture.

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Reduce stress and prevent burnout

Sit in the Kokon Pod regularly to lower stress levels in the body. Prevent burnouts by training the body's ability to bounce back from stressful situations. 


Get talking about mental health

Create a safe and welcoming culture to get talking about mental health. Identify signs of anxiety, depression, and lack of motivation early on.

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Inform strategy with team data

Measure team progress and optimize workload to fit individual's physiology and emotional state. Inform decision makers for organizational change. 


Don't take our word for it. Watch video to get Fast Company's review:


Leading teams brought a Kokon to their office

These companies brought a Kokon Pod to their workplace. Together we work with leading experts and the latest science to end the stress and burnout pandemic. 


Bring a Kokon Pod to your office

How the Kokon makes you feel:

We asked "How does this make you feel?" and this is what people say:

We need one of these @Wework! It was so nice to take 7 minutes to breathe. My brain feels refreshed and I feel much less tired than I usually do at 3:30pm.
— Morgan, Wework

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