The Kokon - your new happy brain place

A multisensory pod for the workplace designed to reverse the effects of stress and replenish your brain



Happy brains make happy work

While a little stress can be good, too much prevents you from being your best self. A happy brain makes you feel better, work better, connect better, which makes for a happier workplace. 


Meet the Kokon Pod

The Kokon is a stress reduction pod for happy workplaces. It is designed to give your brain a break from stress and a boost of happy brain chemicals to help you get ready for the day. 


A holistic recharge

The Kokon scent, sound, vibration, material, hanging, and diffused light are designed to have a holistic effect on your brain and body. They entrain heart rate and slow breathing. They flush out cortisol to break the cycle of chronic stress. And they boost happy brain chemicals to leave you feeling energized and refreshed.


Grow your brain 

The Kokon replenishes your brain and may nurture brain growth.

Kick butt 

The Kokon improves decision making, learning and peak performance. 


The Kokon builds your EQ and helps you connect with your environment.


We asked "how did this make you feel?" and got these responses:

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Everyone could use a Kokon Pod