A multisensory pod for the workplace designed to reverse the effects of stress and replenish your brain



Meet the Kokon Pod, a new form of integrated care for the workplace and home

The Kokon Pod is a smart hanging environment designed to instantly relax your physiological system. The Kokon Pod teaches you to control your body’s natural stress response by regularly bringing you back to a desirable emotional state. Reduce elevated levels of stress, build emotional resilience and keep a mindful state over time. 

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Just 7 minutes, makes you feel amazing. This amazing to be exact:


Activate your happy brain chemicals today


Conference pop-up replenish break

On busy days where focus is key and there are plenty of people you really want to meet, the Kokon Pod gives you more than a cup of coffee. Just 7 minutes help you focus and connect.


2 week trial for your workplace

Stressed at work? Yeah, we were too. But then we built the Kokon Pod. Jealous? Don't be! You can have one too. 



Pre-order the Kokon Pod for the office or home

We expect to ship our first batch by the end of this year 2017. Offices or individuals can pre-order yours now to reserve your spot in the queue.

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Everyone could use a Kokon Pod